Deputy Director Zhao Chuandong Visited RUC for Research and Discussion
(2023-03-17 14:03:56)

On the afternoon of February 28, Zhao Chuandong, Deputy Director of the National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences, led a team to visit RUC to investigate the design and plan for the digital platform of an independent knowledge system of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics. Zhang Donggang, Chairman of the University Council, met with Zhao and his team.

Zhang Donggang pointed out that the digital platform not only serves academic research, but also assists talent training. It is hoped that the Office could pay constant attention to the development and construction of the school in building a philosophy and social science system with Chinese characteristics.

Zhao Chuandong mentioned in his concluding speech that building the digital platform is an urgent need to match the development of philosophy and social sciences, and its importance is self-evident. The Office attaches great importance to the construction of the digital platform and will continue to actively support this project in the future.

RUC Vice President Wang Yi presided over the research symposium. Xu Yongjun, Director of the Information Center for Social Sciences, reported the construction background, necessity, feasibility, main functions and values of the digital platform. The symposium was also joint by other leaders.

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