RUC Gourmet | Warming Foods Make a Healing Winter
(2022-11-14 22:11:55)

When the winter comes,there’s nothing more comforting than having a hot meal on a chilly day.

From sizzling claypot rice noodles to bubbling shabu shabu, these winter warmers are a delicious way to ease the chills.

Small pot rice noodle, braised chicken rice, tomato & sole fish casserole, hot pot, pork wonton noodle, beef & vegetable stew, korean style stew …

Please enjoy the warm offerings on the RUC campus!

Small Pot Rice Noodle

Location: 1st floor, East Canteen

“Noodles of light chewness and the thick tasty broth are intertwined perfectly.”

Braised Chicken Rice

Location: 2nd floor, Central Canteen

“Tender chicken thigh braises in a nice soy-sauce-infused broth.”

Tomato & Sole Fish Casserole

Location: Faculty’s Club

“The thick tomato broth gives the juicy fish the natural sweetness, making a homey taste”.

Hot Pot

Location: Shi Fan Restaurant (Left), 3rd Floor, Northern Canteen (Right)

Comforting and hearty hot pots combines the simmering broth with meat and vegetable.

Pork Wonton Noodle

Location: 1st Floor, Southern Hall, Western Canteen

“Fresh wontons, bouncy and springy noodles and flavourful broth make up a traditional southern taste”.

Beef & Vegetable Stew

Location: 2nd Floor, Northern Canteen

“A cozy beef stew with tender beef, dried beancurd and fresh vegetables”.

Korean Style Stew

Location: Second Foreign Students’ Restaurant

“Slowly boiling on a portable gas grill, the korean stew with Kimchi, spam, sausages and ramen noodles is a popular spicy choice for a cold winter.”

Now, are you excited to have your taste of this winter?

Don’t hesitate to have a try!

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