RUC Museum: Restore the Ancient Documents of Western Regions
(2022-10-25 19:10:13)

The Museum of Renmin University of China has a collection of more than 600 documents of the Western Regions of the Tang dynasty. These documents which come from ancient Khotan(The older Chinese form was 于闐 yutian from older *Ḫwa(h)dεn, and the modern form is 和田 hétián) record the prosperity of the ancient Silk Road, the effective governance by the central government, and multi-ethnic communication and integration. These ancient documents are important cultural relics for the study on the historical linguistics of the Western Regions.

In order to promote progress in the study of the historical linguistics of the Western Regions, the museum jointly initiated document protection, restoration and research with School of Information Management, School of History and School of Chinese Classics by launching the national social science foundation project. In the project, there are not only well-known experts but also ordinary teachers and students. All of them actively and keenly participated in it.

By 2022, more than 600 documents have been restored. Related research has been well underway. 20 or so papers and 2 monographs have been produced. The RUC museum has become one of the major collectors of Western Regions documents in the world. On October 3rd, “Remote Memory: Document Exhibition from Ancient Khotan” was unveiled in the museum of RUC. The exhibition tells us the story of history and also shows the fruitful restoration results brought by the efforts of teachers and students of RUC.

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