Students from School of Information Won 2022 Microsoft Research Fellowship
(2022-10-25 16:10:05)

Recently, the list of “2022 Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship” was officially announced. 12 outstanding PhD students from the Asia-Pacific region were awarded the “Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship” Award. Wang Hanzhi, a PhD student of class 2019, and Zhou Kun, a PhD student of class 2020, both from RUC School of Information, shared the honor with 10 PhD students from Tokyo University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University and etc. Each recipient got a scholarship of 10,000 USD. Zhou Yujia, a PhD student of the 2019 class from the School of Information of RUC, was also nominated.

“The Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship” is a program initiated by Microsoft Research Asia in 1999 that identifies exceptional PhD students devoting to computer science or computing-related fields and inter-disciplines in the Asia-Pacific region. The award is designed to identify, support and encourage promising PhD students to better carry out their researches. This year, the program has attracted some two hundred PhD candidates from leading research-oriented universities and institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. The research of the applicants covers a wide range of fields, including computing science, hardware and software systems, human & machine intelligence, recognition and interaction, etc.


For the past ten years, RUC School of Information has made remarkable achievements in scientific research and talent cultivation. Its database team was the first group to win the second prize of the State Science and Technology Award. Besides, two students won the Baidu Scholarship (Top 10 Worldwide), showing the strong ability of RUC in scientific research and talent cultivation.


The followings are a brief introduction of the two winners.

Wang Hanzhi

Winner of “Microsoft Research Fellowship”

Supervisor: Wei Zhewei

Reach Interests: Large scale graph analysis and learning algorithm

Wang Hanzhi, undergraduate from class 2015 and PhD student from class 2019, majors in big data science and engineering in School of Information. With efficient graph analysis and learning algorithm as her research interests, Wang Hanzhi has published several papers in CCF conferences/journals (Class A). She was selected as one of the students in the Outstanding Innovative Talents Cultivation Funded Programs of Renmin University of China. She also won the 2021 Baidu Scholarship, National Scholarship, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) Scholarship, etc.

The importance of efficient algorithms has become increasingly prominent at the age of big data. Designing efficient algorithms with scalability that can better solve traditional problems has become a trending topic nowadays. I am dedicated to designing efficient and scalable algorithms for large-scale graph analysis, and my supervisor, Professor Wei, has been leading my way through it.

This Scholarship will always remind me to stay true to my research aspirations, and encourage me to forge ahead with more research results in the future. I also appreciate that I can take this opportunity to consult and communicate with experts and scholars of Microsoft Research Institute. I believe this Scholarship will always remind me to stay true to my research aspirations, and making even greater progress in the future.

Zhou Kun

Winner of “Microsoft Research Fellowship”

Supervisor: Wen Jirong & Zhao Xin

Reach Interest: Natural language processing and information retrieval

Zhou Kun, majoring in big data science and engineering under the supervision of Professor Wen Jirong and Professor Zhao Xin, is a PhD student from class 2020 in School of Information. His research focuses on pre-training language model, knowledge reasoning and information retrieval. So far, his total citation of Google academic statistics is over 550. Two of his published papers have been selected by Paper Digest as one of the most influential papers in CIKM and KDD, and some of his scientific research achievements have been realized in Xiaoice (Microsoft’s social chatbot in Chia), Bing Search, Meituan Recommendation System, etc. (Article copied from: RUC News)

My curiosity about AI inspired me to embrace scientific research. Stepping into this field, I was lucky enough to meet many excellent guides, especially my supervisors Prof. Wen Jirong and Prof. Zhao Xin. Their patient guidance has enabled me to grow from a scientific research novice to a PhD student capable of independent scientific research. I hope the internship in Microsoft Research Asia can help me overcome the difficulties in text data representation, and thus allow me to further advance my research.




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