Vartanova: The Russian Media Model in the Context of BRICS
(2022-10-24 14:10:40)

Professor Elena Vartanova, Head of the Department of Journalism of Moscow State University, gave a lecture on “Russian Media Model in the Context of BRICS Countries” on the evening of October 11, as part of the “Ming Xin Lecture Series”. The lecture was hosted by Zhao Yonghua, professor at the School of Communication and Journalism of Renmin University of China (SJC, RUC).

Professor Vartanova suggested that the BRICS countries are an important geopolitical component and an essential part of the present multipolar world. They have significant geographic and international influence facing new global challenges and critical economic and social transformations.

The accelerated digitalization and economic development have confronted the BRICS countries with social development issues. The BRICS discourse system may help shift the perspective from media and nation-state relations to a more dynamic technological, and cultural environment in countries like Russia, where politics is only a part of what influences media and social relations. Vartanova pointed out that the strong cultural traditions of the BRICS countries allow more attention to be paid to the significance of cultural identity, soft power, and the traditions of the countries.

She argued new theory has emerged in the context of multipolarity in the 21st century responds to the trends of globalization and digitalization, ushering in the rebirth of nationhood amid uncertainty, fluidity, and hybridity. By analyzing the similarities of the development of the media industry in the BRICS countries, like rapid economic growth, expansion of advertising and gaming industry, digitization of media, etc., she stressed the importance of preserving the cultural identity and language of each country.

Vartanova then introduced the Eurasian Media Model of the Russian media system and predicted its future development and changes in content production and consumption patterns.

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