Lecture on comparative approaches to the ethical questions and the contributions of Chinese ethic to held
(2022-10-24 10:10:12)

Alexis Lavis, professor at School of Philosophy of Renmin University of China (RUC), will give a lecture entitled “comparative approaches to the ethical questions and the contributions of Chinese ethics” on October 20, 2022, from 14:00-15:30. This is the fifth lecture in the series of lectures entitled “Chinese Philosophy and Modern Perspectives 2022” hosted by the School of Philosophy of RUC.

The lecture will be held offline at RUC, which also offers participants a way to participate online, which will be streamed live Tencent meeting (ID: 699 4551 8805, back up ID: 810 8525 2846).

Abstract for the lecture:

This lecture aims to present the ways in which comparative philosophy or intercultural philosophical dialogue can shed light on the ethical question. By “ethical question”, we must understand, on the one hand, the meaning of ethics in general and, on the other hand, a certain number of problems, which arise within the ethical domain. More specifically, it will be a question of showing how the meeting and then the dialogue of Chinese and Western philosophies make it possible to think anew the meaning of ethics and to consider differently several questions inherited from the two traditions, with a view to open new perspectives and solutions.

First, it will be necessary to specify what the comparative approach or approaches consist of. Under what conditions can a fruitful dialogue between Chinese ethics and Western ethics take place? Is there a defined method? Finally, is comparison the best way to enter a dialogue?

In a second step, it will be appropriate to wonder about the meaning of the expression “Chinese Ethics.” What are we talking about? Which trends or schools, which authors or which works? Since the concept “ethics” belongs to the tradition of Western thinking that has its roots in Greece, how relevant is it to speak of “Chinese Ethics”? Can we find a common ground of experience from which what is called “ethics” in Europe and 伦理 in China can meet for the best?

Finally, and on this basis of meeting, it will be a question of considering some ethical problems such as can be posed by comparative philosophy: the question of authenticity and conformity; the place of the subject or of the Self; the opposition between morality and ethics; the role of nature or naturalness; the meaning of action as ethical action; the various metaphysical and anthropological foundations of ethics.

About the speaker:

Alexis Lavis (杨一心) was born in France. He received his doctor degree in Comparative Philosophy (Buddhism & Phenomenology) at the University of Rouen-Normandy, his Philosophy Aggregation, and his University Qualification at Sorbonne University. He held positions at the University of Rouen-Normandy and at the Paris Institute of Political Sciences (SciencesPo-Paris). He is currently Program Director at the College international de Philosophy (CIPh, founded by Derrida) and Associate Researcher at the Husserl Archives of Paris, Member of the Asian Society of Paris, and Director of the “Asian studies” Collection at Editions du Cerf. Since 2019, he is Associate Professor of Philosophy in the School of Philosophy of Renmin University and gives courses and lectures on History of Western Philosophy, Philosophy of Art, and Comparative Philosophy. His interests include Phenomenology, Chinese philosophy, Indian Buddhism, Indo-European’s linguistics, Ethics and Aesthetics, and History of Philosophy.

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