“Health Science, Hospital Reform and Medical Big Data” Interdisciplinary Scientific Seminar Successfully Held.
(2022-10-23 10:10:28)

Since the An Outline for the “Healthy China 2030” Initiative was published, building a healthy China has become a national strategy. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, building a scientific prevention and governance system in response to major public health emergency is an important issue concerning national development, people’s livelihood, and the modern governance.

Therefore, attention is gradually drawn to interdisciplinary and systematic issues, including health science, hospital reform and medical big data. The professionality and complexity of these issues call for an integrated application of social sciences and natural sciences, including Economics, Management, Sociology, Statistics, Law, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Systems Science, Information Science, Mathematics and Engineering. The exploration of interdisciplinary research and high-quality talent cultivation will help to accelerate the innovation in liberal arts, and provide wisdom to meet major demands of the country and society.

Team introduction

Supported by the University, RUC “Health Science, Hospital Reform and Medical Big Data” interdisciplinary platform (team) was set up in March, 2022. The team consists of 18 teachers from seven schools of RUC, including School of Public Administration and Policy, Institute of Statistics and Big Data, School of Statistics, School of Sociology and Population Studies, School of Science, School of Finance and School of Information. It is aimed to conduct interdisciplinary research on healthy economy, medical big data, hospital governance, healthy statistics decision-making, healthy system, and healthy risk management. The convergence of personnel, knowledge and research will inject a momentum to the development of interdisciplinary subject and in large, provide theoretical and empirical support for China’s medical and health development. After half a year of work, the team has made some achievements, which received the recognition of the institute and school leaders. On August 17th, 2022, the team convened a seminar themed at “Health Science, Hospital Reform and Medical Big Data” to discuss about the mechanism of interdisciplinary scientific research and the main tasks in the next phase. All members of the team, together with the team secretary, participated in the seminar.

Speeches delivered by chief experts

At the beginning of the seminar, three chief experts, namely Prof. Wang Jun, Prof. Hu Feifang and Prof. Zhu Liping, respectively delivered a speech. They first introduced the team, reported on its latest development, and expressed expectation to attract more supportive resources. The professors believed that under the leadership of RUC, the team will bear more remarkable fruits. Then, Prof. Wang Xiaojun, Dean of School of Statistics, proposed important suggestions on: how to conduct interdisciplinary research in the team; how to give full play to the potential of teammates; and how to cultivate interdisciplinary talents, connect researchers, and realize a real interdisciplinary use of research design and fund spending through mechanism innovation.

Speeches delivered by the team members

Professors from School of Public Administration and Policy, School of Science, School of Information, Institute of Statistics and Big Data and School of Sociology and Population Studies shared their thoughts on the future work plan respectively based on their own research area. They also noted that the team building is conducive to the communication and interaction among different disciplines, as well as the collaboration of talents with different disciplinary background.

Discussion session

During the discussion, team members exchanged views on future team building, interdisciplinary development of healthy science, hospital reform and medical big data, talent cultivation and output mechanism of outstanding findings. They also mentioned that the application of interdisciplinary science project could be leveraged to empower team communication and collaboration among different disciplines, so as to facilitate the interaction among research question, theory and empirical study. After full discussion, Prof. Wang Jun made conclusive remarks on behalf of the team. He stressed that the team will implement the consensus reached in the seminar, apply for team project and conduct major interdisciplinary research, in hope of making further progress and cultivating interdisciplinary talents.

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