School of Journalism and Communication, RUC, held 3 thematic forums with overseas alumni
(2022-10-17 21:10:48)

Recently, the School of Journalism and Communication of Renmin University of China (SJC, RUC) together with overseas alumni, held three thematic forums in Pakistan, Nepal, and Nigeria. All three forums focused on China’s development and win-win cooperation between countries and regions, attracting wide participation of local dignitaries, famous scholars, and important media reporters.

The forums were coordinated by Professor Zhong Xin’s team in SJC, with more than 30 participants from all the faculty and students. The foreign organizers of the three forums were all alumni of the long-term training program hosted by RUC, who are African and Asia-Pacific journalists coming to China.

The forum themed “Need for Partnership to Build Africa’s Digital Economy” was held at the Institute of International Affairs of Nigeria, where the participants fully discussed issues such as poverty management and poverty eradication, China-Africa cooperation and digital economy, and media exchange and cooperation.

It’s hosted by the Africa-China Media Center and Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, co-organized by SJC on September 30, 2022.

Chu Maoming, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate in Lagos, outlined the situation of the China-Africa digital economy development and the expectation of future cooperation in his speech and to open the summit.

Mr. Chu remarked that China and Nigeria are the largest economies in Asia and Africa respectively, and both countries are actively developing their digital economies with remarkable success. He called for more cooperation between China and Nigeria in the digital economy to solve the challenges.

The international forum was reported by many important Nigerian national media such as the Sun, Vanguard, and other major Nigerian newspapers, with the content of the thematic forum reaching local readers extensively.

The international media forum on the theme of “The role of BRI in China-Pakistan relation development in the past decade”, organized by Pakistan Country Media Group, was held in Islamabad, Pakistan on September 23rd, with 25 journalists and experts from Pakistani media, international media and institutions attending.

Group photo of attendees (second from right is alumnus Zamir Assadi)

The forum received extensive coverage from 29 foreign media outlets, including Independent News Pakistan, SABAH (South Asian Broadcasting Agency), and China Business News, which is the only bilingual weekly newspaper in English and Chinese in Pakistan with distribution rights.

Another forum on “Chinese Development & Regional Cooperation in the Changing Global Context”, organized by Nepal-China Friendship Forum and Sammunati Foundation was held at Afla Beta House in Kathmandu, Nepal on September 21.

Group photo of important guests (the first one on the right is alumnus Mahendra Subedi)

Twenty-five dignitaries, scholars, and journalists participated in the forum. And the forum received special coverage from 12 foreign media outlets, including the Kathmandu Newspaper, which is the national newspaper of Nepal, and had a wide impact in the region.

SJC has been conducting long-term and short-term media training programs in Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Pacific Island countries, and countries along the “Belt and Road” since 2014, cooperating with the Department of Information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, the China Public Diplomacy Association, Chinese embassies abroad, and the China Journalists Association.

And SJC has organized a wide range of renowned experts from various universities, government officials, and media professionals as speakers to give in-depth lectures on China’s political, economic, cultural, and media development achievements to journalists from various countries in English. 230 foreign journalists from 47 countries have been trained in SJC’s foreign-related training program since 2014.

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