The Opening Ceremony of the International Day of University Sport Successfully Held
(2022-10-11 16:10:50)

On September 24, The Opening Ceremony of the International Day of University Sport and the 2th Sports Competition for Chinese College Students were held in RUC. The grand event brought together many people, including HU Baijing, Vice President of RUC; SHEN Zhen, Deputy Secretary-General of the Joint Secretariat of the Student Sports Association of the Ministry of Education; GUO Fei, representative of Alisports and about 800 students and teachers from different schools and departments of RUC. The event offered a variety of games, among which were AI Sports games and on-campus Night running. Students did have a good time participating in such activities to celebrate the International Day of University Sport.

Before the ceremony, students from the Dance Sport Association, the Cheerleading Association and the Free Dancers Association of RUC respectively brought warm-up dance performances. Their performances earned themselves enthusiastic applause from the audience, thus greatly cheered up the atmosphere.



Following the warm-up performance, Vice President HU addressed the gathering, hoping students to take advantage of the event to engage in school sports activities. He also suggested students to seek professional guidance from online platforms so as to ensure safer and more efficient physical exercise.

SHEN Zhen, Vice President of China University Sports Association, also addressed the event, saying that, by holding the sports competition in RUC, the association aimed at spreading the idea that health is always the prerequisite of everything else.

LI Shu from PE department then introduced the history of sports at RUC, hoping today’s students could achieve greater achievement in sports and enjoy the charm of sports.

This event was co-hosted by China University Sports Association and Alisports Co., Ltd. Ledongli, an application software developed by Alibaba sports and other AI-powered technologies were incorporated to launch online competition. The first Sports Competition for Chinese College Students was held on December 13, 2021, attracting over 450 thousand students of 351 colleges and universities from 30 provinces and autonomous regions. Indeed, the incorporation of AI sports in this competition was an innovative move made by RUC. In addition to all the traditional sports events, this year have saw many new forms, including high knees running in place, jumping jacks and leapfrogging. The first round of AI sports happened between Business School and Mingli College and, after a long and exciting competition, the former won the game with a total score of 1648.



The on-campus night running was no less exciting than the AI sports. Following the instruction of WU Shengkou from RUC PE Department, all participants actively engaged in the warm-up, including leg muscle stretching, waist and abdomen stretching, etc. The students carefully followed the teacher to prepare for the activities to prevent potential injuries during the night running. When the time finally came, the participants darted off as soon as they heard the shot from the starting pistol. With dynamic music in the background, the whole campus was immersed in cheerful laughter and happiness. While some were working up a sweat on the track, others were freely talking with their friends. Still others were trying to cheer up the athletes.



Finally, the event came to a successful end in the midst of laughter. Students became even more impressed with the joy and importance of sports.

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